Photo Essay: Visiting England – Swans

Begging Swan
Begging Swan

This gentleman/lady (does any one know how you tell?) came to the front door and then the French window of our chalet at Sherwood Forest, Centre Parcs, every day.  We did not encourage them, but they still came.  One morning I woke up to find the swans attacking the geese who were out numbered 8 to 1.


4 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Visiting England – Swans

  1. This photograph seem to be made in incredibly windy conditions. It was the kind of afternoon when no tripod is sturdy enough to really hold the camera still – so I waited and shot during relative lulls in the gale.

  2. ???

    This comment isn’t to do with this picture, but amuses me nonetheless so is staying for now.

  3. This gentleman/lady (does any one know how you tell?)

    Male Mute Swans (known as cobs) typically have a larger knob on the bill than do females (pens). Both sexes have black-and-orange bills, so I suppose you need to see them close-up, and to have several around to compare. 😉

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