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18 Jul 2008

Food Fables Friday: Harvest

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Finally the day I am leaving for two weeks I get to eat my first blackberries with my breakfast.  Oh, well the birds are going to have a feast.

Carrot and Onion

Carrot and Onion and Basil

In addition, as I wanted to make tomato [1] sauce I harvested my first onion and took my first crop from the Egyptian Walking onions [2].  I have been eating carrots since they were tiny as these were delicious in salads.  It is great to see them finally grown up.  Mrs Burns’ Lemon Basil is very prolific, which is a relief because in the beginning of June I was convinced it was the wrong variety for my climate.  The sauce also included my homegrown garlic, peas and bay leaves.  The soy sauce was the only ingredient that was manufactured.  The difference using fresh produce was obvious when it came to preparation especially chopping: The knife slipped through the hour-picked carrot like it was butter, the garlic crushed with the slightest pressure and the the onion was so aromatic that, despite it causing me to cry my eyes out, sniff, I could have eaten it raw and I usually detest raw onion.

Aah – good times.  Now I have a freshly prepared tomato sauce to enjoy when I return from my vacation.  Hopefully the tomatoes and zucchini will be ready.

[1] Sadly not my tomatoes but I have eaten my first tomato, which it was not quite ripe but still very very delicious.

[2] Still waiting to see these start walking


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  1. Not just the birds are enjoying the blackberries. They’re good!

    Comment by Lisa — 19 Jul 2008 @ 3:28 pm

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