WIP Wednesday: Startitus

I have been having a spasm of startitus.  This is partly because slogging through the Fluttery Top is doing my head in.  Yes, I want to finish it so I can wear it but at 10 rows per inch and 8 inches to the bottom…  My startitus is also due to the fact that I am about to travel for two weeks.  I need traveling knitting and something to keep my hands occupied when I am with my family.

Baby Bear Sweater

Baby Bear Sweater

So I started a bear for the Mother Bear Project.  I am not following any of the patterns – the official one is knitted back and forth from toe to toe and requires lots of seaming.  There is a semi-official one at Ravelry, which is top down: Magic loop cast on at the crown of the head and then work downwards.  I got halfway through this version of the sweater when I realized that I had cast on half the number of stitches I actually needed, and I didn’t like how it looked, so I ripped out and thought again.  The Campesino Doll Purse, which I knit for my niece at Christmas, was a similar design and some nice features such as the sweater ribbing  being separate from the neck, hands and legs.  So I started with the sweater, knitting it top up in the round.  I did steaks for the armholes as it did not occur to me not to have holes there.  For the head, hands and rest I will pick up stitches inside the ribbing.  I hope to write the pattern out when I have finished.

Beginning of Shifting Sands Scarf

Beginning of Shifting Sands Scarf

My Baby Bear was turning out to be too complicated for travel knitting. So following the fine example of Jared at Brooklyn Tweed I started Grumperina’s Shifting Sands Scarf.  I found some great yarn in my stash (Texas by Pine Tree Yarns in  Sunset shading) which had enough yardage and I merrily cast on.  Only to find, of course, that my gauge was totally off – I was getting 4 stitches/inch instead of 7 st/inch. I just read that, and after a few choice words I laughed. What’s a knitter going to do? Use size 2.5 mm to make gauge.  I am finding that tiring enough for the Fluttery Top.  So yesterday while at the hairdresser I frogged what I had started and cast on 32 stitches[1]. I still have to check whether BA allow knitting needles.

I am also taking yarn to knit July’s Stitches with Style’s Wash Cloth-along.  I am using Plymouth Yarns Jeannee, which I first used for January’s Sheep wash cloth. This time I have a pale variegated yarn (colorway 100) which will show up nicely with a modular pattern.  Whether I actually stick to the modular dish cloth pattern given is evens on at the moment.  Given my experience with modular knitting (e.g.), I doubt it!  Shameless plug: I am teaching a course on basic modular knitting at Knitters Day Out in September if any one is interested: End of Advertisement [3].

I am still slogging away at the Fluttery Top and it/she [2] is beginning to look like something I can wear.

Of course, when I get to England, I will go yarn shopping – it is a given.  Mum has already said she wants to get some nice new yarn and get rid of her old nasty yarns.  Hopefully I can persuade her that knitting 4 st/inch is trendy and fashionable, despite the fact that she has always preferred thin yarns with many stitches/inch and then wondered why she never finishes anything and finds them hard to see.  Also, unlike her daughter, she is a very tight knitter.  I tried teaching her continental style, but I am not there enough to help her practice it.

[1] For anyone who is interested my math calculation went like this:

I was getting 12 inches for 52 stitches which was 10 pattern repeats.  12 into 52 doesn’t go, but 12 into 48 is 4, so my gauge is roughly 4 st/inch.

I wanted the scarf to be the same width as in the pattern (7″) so 7 x 4 = 28.  However, the pattern has a 5 stitch repeat + 2.  So I rounded up to 32 stitches.

Admittedly my gauge was slightly over 4 st/inch so I am probably going to end up with a slightly wider scarf but I do not mind that.

[2] Definitely becoming a she as she grows.

[3] And one on working with color[4].

[4] I just checked the website and they are both full.  Wahoo !!! (eleventy ‘leven) !!! I could do a class for your guild or LYS if you are interested!


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