WIP Wednesday: Fluttery Top Still

Fluttery Top

I can see this project is turning into a slog, even though I am now working in the round having got to below the armholes.  I still have a long way to go to reach the end. My knitting is much smoother now that I am just knitting and I don’t have the purl rows to mess up my gauge.

Fluttery Top

The bottom third is knitted in the round and looks more even. I wonder if I was just purling it would look as even.  I should try that sometime.

I like knitting from the top down as you can try the project on as you go, which is why it doesn’t have any needles in it currently.  I can also add the sleeves and see what the top looks like.

Fluttery Top with sleeves

It is very girly, which is not “me” at all.  I love it despite the cuteness.  A disadvantage of top down is that I now have to slog all the way to the bottom.  At least this top has a pattern at the bottom.  As I failed to alter the neck patterns (which did not seem to matter), I wonder what I will manage for the bottom.  Anyone know how to turn lace patterns upside down?

Just to prove that I am not only knitting the fluttery top, here is June’s dishcloth:

June\'s Washcloth

I know it is July and I know I’m behind.  I need more time…


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  1. I love them both!!! I’ve been in a knitting funk (seem to be sweating too much to let yarn slide), but at least I can covet yours!

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