WIP Wednesday: Modifying Fluttery Top

Fluttery Top Back

My current knitting is not very exciting. The Fluttery Top is still giving me grief – I finished the sleeves successfully; even though the photo makes it look as if they are different sizes, they are similar:

Fluttery Top Sleeves

I started the body as written from the bottom up, except in the round.  After an inch or two, I was struggling – all was not well – in fact, I was majorly messed up. Not only had I twisted my join (I hate it when I do that despite checking a dozen times); the diameter was too large by a third, so instead of the desired 95cm, it was ~125 cm. Aggh.  After screaming and cursing a little I unraveled and decided what to do next.

This is it – I am never ever following a pattern again as I always have to modify.  At a minimum, it is to fit my loose gauge.  So I will take ideas from interesting patterns and adjust it to what I want to knit.

This time I started knitting from the top down, using Barbara Walker’s excellent book (or buy it from Schoolhouse Press).  I have worked the short rows for the back shoulders and have another 3 cm (~9 rows) to work before switching over to start the front.  I am a little worried about the lace edges to the neck, I have tried working them out on paper so that I can knit them upside down to how they are written but until I knit them, I will be uncertain of my success.  It may be case of trial and error.  I know I should knit a sample first before doing the whole top but this is against my nature.  Feet first, pull out of mud patch afterwards, is the way I knit.  I am not so much like this in the lab so perhaps I should put my lab cap on and be more cautious.  I’ll let you know next time, what I do.


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  1. I feel your pain. Even when I do the math, a lot of times there’s knit and frog, knit and frog. Um, it’s all about the journey? Yeah, sure.

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