Cat Tails: Murphy Update


His Highness would like you to know that he is very well but he asks for you to stop disturbing his rest:


He fusses wanting to go outside a little in the morning and again in the evening.  It is evenings that he wants to get outside the most.  I found opening windows distracts him as he likes to watch and smell the world going by.  Additionally, letting him into the garage appeases some of his outdoor desires.  He definitely sprays in there – such a pleasant aroma – and so may other cats when the garage door is open when I’m in the garden.

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3 thoughts on “Cat Tails: Murphy Update

  1. Cats love the open windows, don’t they? We’ve got a lot more people using the tennis courts outside our apartment this summer, and that seems to be a great attraction for the cats as well. I call the windows in the living room “cat TV.”

  2. Hi Linda

    The problem is that cats are getting severely beaten up in my neighborhood. The vet thinks there is an un-neutered tom protecting his territory.

    Murph got beaten up twice in six months and a semi-feral cat had to be put down.

    So I now have an indoor cat, who gets a bit antsy about being indoors all the time.

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