Music Monday: Old School Freight Train

Old School Freight Train

Last month when Lisa and I went to Longwood Gardens we mostly went to see OSFT, one of my favorite folk bands. I had seen them the month before at the Baby Grand, but the concert at Longwood Gardens was much better; not only because I could take photos.

Their performance at Longwood was more together and they seemed to be enjoying themselves more than at the Baby Grand; perhaps being on the road for another month allowed them to iron out any difficulties of playing new songs and in a newish format. Mind you, Longwood is a gorgeous venue which is probably inspiring by itself. The audience was good even though no one danced – Lisa and I did in our seats and their was a couple of toddlers swinging to the rhythms. Unfortunately, the couple behind us seemed a little upset because the band “weren’t really bluegrass“, despite being part of Longwood Garden’s Bluegrass Concert series.

Here they are in their glory:

Jesse Harper

Jesse is the lead singer and guitar player. He sounds like Randy Newman who is one of his heros; he also like disco music and converting it to bluegrass.

Darrell Muller

Darrell plays bass and sings; occassionally takes the lead singing role. He also dresses really well. You cannot see it in this photo but he is wearing a very cool pair of white shoes to match his jacket.

Pete Frostic, OSFT

Pete is a laid back mandolin player. He makes it look easy, but his fingers are flying and the music rocks off your socks. He is awesome and so taken with the music.

Nate Leach, OSFT

Nate has to be the most expressive musician I have ever watched. I love watching his facial expressions. He manages to play hand percussion looking as if he is doing or dying. He is also an A1 fiddler player. The first time I saw OSFT was a Newport and Nate came up on stage to play with Ruthy and Rosie and I caught the moment in the photo I call “Fiddlers Three

Nick Falk, OSFT

Nick is the newest member of the band and plays an excellent back up rhythm rounding out the music with that extra edge. He did a rocking drum solo at one point which was footstompin’ly hoe down. Drummers are harder to photograph as they are behind the rest of the band so they are often missed out completely.

I particularly like their interactions with each other when they are performing. You can tell that they are enjoying themselves and that makes it more enjoyable for us. You can see that for yourself as the rest of my photos are here.

OSFT Final Bow

Here is a tour video which includes their encore performance at Longwood when the fountains came on and their lights were played with the music.

All photos ©2008 cdavies


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Old School Freight Train

  1. This was such a fun concert!! I especially liked the disco bluegrass (does that even work as a statement??)

  2. Perhaps it is bluegrass disco?

    I ran out of expressions to describe them – hot rockin’ ‘n’ foot stompin’.

    I’m so glad you liked them too.

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