L is for…


I had thought of lawn mower, because I am fond of my little cordless electric mower and I also quite like mowing the lawn.

Then I was doing something, probably cutting my toe nails, and I realized that of all my body parts I am probably fondest of my legs. They’ve stood by me (pun intended) when times were rough. They respond to my every wish. They cope with Murphy scratching them when he thinks he is about fall off my lap (cat person abuse and perhaps I shall rename myself Cat’s Lap). My legs have taken me up hills and down dales I could not have gone to without them.

Thanks legs.


2 thoughts on “L is for…

  1. Heh! Good post!
    Thank you for your advice about the lace knitting. I’m gathering courage to attempt some even as I type! I guess I went through the ripping ratios when I was learning cabling, so at least it won’t come as a surprise… =)

  2. Somehow the ZZTop song “She’s Got Legs (She knows how to use them)” just sprang to mind!

    I like my legs too. Good work!

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