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14 Jun 2008

Scrumbles Saturday: Oak Leaf Scrumble

Oak Leaf Scrumble

Oak Leaf Scrumble, Knitted June 8-13th 2008 Photo © 2008 cdavies

Another alliteration day. I have been having fun working these out. I have thought of having:

  • Sort of Science Sunday (SOSS)
  • Music Monday,
  • Tastey Tuesday,
  • Thirsty Thursday.

So together with Finished Objects Friday & Food Fables Friday and Work In Progress Wednesday I’ve got the week covered. This does not mean that I will post on these topics every week, but look out and see what I do end up writing about.

So Saturday is scrumbles day. I had forgotten how much I enjoy knitting scrumbles. Part of the problem is that I need to start putting together my Blue Freestyle Vest and the thought of that is discouraging. I’m sure once I lay out the scrumbles I have on the vest pattern I will be encouraged and eager to sew, but for now I am procrastinating on that project.

Fortunately, for the Pink Project I do not have to sew the scrumbles together. So I can scrumble away and hope that Prudence Mapstone and her helpers can work out how to sew together my weird shaped scrumble with everybody else’s weird shaped scrumble. I am sure she can as she is the inspiration of freeform knitting and crochet.

Currently I am sticking to my policy of just knitting. I did crochet for the Jester’s Jacket, but I wanted to have form of freestyle that was unique to me, so I only use knitting in my scrumbles. The photo shows today’s scrumble, which is the completed Oak Leaf Scrumble that I showed started on Wednesday. I ended up with three Oak Leaves and then decorated around them. I am happy with way it turned out and I learned a lot about how the different yarns might function in further scrumbles.


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