WIP Wednesday: Scrumbles and Gauge Issues

As I finished lots of projects last week, I could start something new. For months I have been meaning to knit a scrumble for the Pink Project started by Prudence Mapstone (ravelry link membership required). Finally I got inspiration from Nicky Epstein’s Signature Scarves book which arrived from Vogue books yesterday. I have used some of NE’s shapes before in freestyle knitting, and her oak leaf shape fits in very well:

Pink Scrumbles

I also started knitting the Fluttery Top from Classic Elite Yarns, only I am having gauge issues. I know very well that I am a loose knitter, so I checked my gauge by knitting a NunuYaya with the correct yarn (CEY’s Cotton Bam Boo) and decided that US 3 needles (3.00 mm) would work.

Eigth Petals on NunuMaya

Only it seems that working in the round on double points is different from back and forth knitting. I got almost to the end of the first sleeve when I decided that it was not going to work:

sleeve on larger needles

It is about 1.5 inches too wide and I adjusted the length to fit but it just looks loose. So I started a second sleeve using US 2 (2.50 mm) and holding the yarn twisted around my finger:

sleeve on smaller needles

It haven’t got as far but it looks much better. I do find this frustrating – I am currently three needle sizes smaller and holding the yarn tight to get the right gauge. I am almost at the stage of deciding that I have to just design my own patterns as I have to modify everything so much.

I am also considering a project break from knitting just to play and work on my gauge. I am also finding that I purl loose than I knit.  Weird or what?  I know knitting continental style is one reason that I knit so loose, but for me it is easier than the English throwing style I grew up knitting.  So I need to find a way to hold my yarn differently so that it is tighter or something. Any advice?


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Scrumbles and Gauge Issues

  1. No advice, just commiseration. I swatched flat, had to go down two needle sizes. Then started the Josephine Top in the round. Too loose, even on those skinny needles. Ripped it all out and am now working flat.

    Your second sleeve looks like a winner.

  2. How do you hold your yarn? I’m also continental, and I wrap the yarn twice around my left index finger. That gives me enough friction. But you obviously produce wonderful stitches, so why worry about always going down a few needle sizes?

    P.S., what’s the book that’s visible in the last picture? Looks good!

  3. I think everyone purls at a different tension than knits–it’s why in the round swatches are so different from flat! I’m also a really loose knitter–I don’t even look at the recomended needle sizes (who cares–the point is gauge, not needle size) but I do get frustrated because some yarns kind of fall of the deep end for me since I don’t have any wire-thin needles! Even worse, my gauge is uneven–it changes from month to month, so sweaters are always a risk for me.

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