Yarn Yarns: Finished Ribwarmer, Washcloth, Cushion Cover and almost Tie

Mum's Rib Warmer

This Rib Warmer should really fit Mum as she is very slender. It fits me, but not to close up. I tried to take a picture of it on me, but I really need a model. I am going to England in July, so Mum can model it herself then. I do want to knit another Rib Warmer, probably in wool; but after I have completed some other projects first; including a Baby Surprise Jacket, which for the nonknitting reader is also designed by Elisabeth Zimmermann.

4 embossed hearts washcloth

My second washcloth for May was designed by Smariek and is her 4 Embossed hearts Washcloth

I knitted this on the plane home from NH. So it took less than an hour to knit. Yes, I know it needs blocking,

Jessica and Robert's Wedding Present Part 1/4

Jessica and Robert’s Cushion Cover #1 is complete. Yeah, so I have three more to make. Each one different; maybe. At least this one is done. I am beginning to think that they may have their wedding present in time for their anniversary. (Not the first one though as that is September, perhaps the second or third. I was wondering if I could give them a cover each anniversary for the next few years.) Once all 4 are done, I will have to find cushions that fit (20″ x 20″). The ones on my sofa work, but they are not having those. If for no other reason than Jessica being allergic to cats, even cute ones like King Murphy. Cat hair covered cushions are not a good present.

Dad's Tie

Well, the knitting part is finished and Dad’s tie has been blocked, but as you can see I still have the lining to sew in. When is Father’s Day? Well, tough, it has been delayed this year. Father’s Day is when the tie is completed. Oh he might even get it on time if I all I do is sew this weekend but I have to allow for postage to Britain.

Thanks to Jessica for helping with doing all the cutting out. The lining fabric is amazing, I almost did a jig in Joann Fabrics when I found it. My Dad is going to look so elegant, we might have to buy him new clothes to match.


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