Taking Up Space

When I saw Zuska’s suggestion for our Scientiae carnival post this month at first I dismissed it as irrelevant to me. Some weird American idea that women worry about how much space they take up.

Second and subsequent thoughts meant that I realized that this space thing was totally relevant to me recently. I have always been larger than life. Most of the time it is fun being an extroverted introvert when you work with a bunch of introverted introverts as you end up taking lots of space. Especially if like me you love to wear bright, loud colors. I am not sure if these were to make up for my lack of height or not, but definitely because I wanted to be noticed. Yep, attention seeker right here.

However, last year when I was struggling professionally I started thinking that I was taking up too much space. I would look at photos and decide that I had taken up half the photo and the other ten people had the rest between them, if you could see them at all. In this one, for instance, with the food science club taken about eighteen months ago:

Food Science Club at Neuchatel

At the time, I could have sworn that I took up so much space that you couldn’t see the students.

Fortunately, now I am back on track professionally, I want to be noticed and take up lots of space and, more importantly I take up as much space as I need without worrying about it. I’ve started wearing bright colors again.

Watch out, here I come!


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  1. Oh, I totally relate! I’m also far louder and chattier than most of my colleagues, and I have a deep fondness for a very bright red/orange flowered jacket that I’ve had for many years.

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