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5 Jun 2008

K is for…

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K is for…, originally uploaded by Lab Cat.

I couldn’t decide which image to use to represent my K.

Which is knitting of course. So you get 36 images this time round; details are:

1. First Cushion Cover Center Detail, 2. Turtle Washcloth, 3. eight sided nunumaya, 4. Cushion Cover Designs, 5. Lace Scarf, 6. Lace Scarf Chart, 7. Yarn for Trivial Pursuit Cushion Cover, 8. Jester’s Jacket, 9. Campesino Purse, 10. Dad’s Zipped Vest, 11. Patch for Blue Freestyle Vest, 12. Yarn for Blue Freeform Vest, 13. Alpaca, 14. Corners of red and white washcloths, 15. So soft., 16. Completed Mystery Stole, 17. R&M’s Baby Blanket Signature Detail, 18. R&M’s Baby Blanket, 19. Triple ‘R’ Farms Sock Merino, 20. Sheep Washcloth, 21. Cable Hat, 22. 5 point bag front, 23. Celestial Merino Scarf Detail, 24. Log Cabin Afghan, 25. Peplum Jacket, 26. MSW Brook Farm Fibers, 27. south west shawl 1, 28. Freestyle Cardigan Detail, 29. Fair Isel Hat Detail, 30. Modular Cloak, 31. Dad’s Tie, 32. Top Down Skirt Detail, 33. Detail of Baby Blanket, 34. Chenille Cotton Modular Waist Coat, 35. Icelandic Waistcoat detail, 36. Freestyle cardigan Back



  1. Very cool image. I like that my scarf made it in there. Along with Murphy and you Dad and his tie (is it lined now?)

    Comment by Lisa — 5 Jun 2008 @ 5:01 pm

  2. Using the collage technique for “knitting” was inspired! It’s fun to see all the different aspects and stages of knitting (from the alpacas to the finished product). This reminds me – where are our cushion covers?!!

    Comment by Robert — 8 Jun 2008 @ 1:11 pm

  3. Lisa and Robert

    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you liked how I represented knitting. I wanted something that showed the process; not just the finished objects.


    Your cushion covers are there in the collage, both partly knitted and as a page from my knitting journal.

    You also need to check this post for more news on the cushion covers.

    Comment by Cat — 9 Jun 2008 @ 10:08 am

  4. […] initially thought of doing a music mosaic of my collection of music photos, similar to K is for…Knitting. However, these are pictures of other people performing – I wanted to represent my involvement with […]

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