Yarn Yarns: FO Friday

I have had a good few weeks finishing off knitting projects. Partly because I have so many ideas of new projects I am desperate to start.

Another wash cloth. I adapted the NunuMaya I made last month to make it with eight petals:

Eigth Petals on NunuMaya

I bought the extra yarn I needed and finished the Top Down Cable Hat that I showed you on Wednesday:

Top Down Cable Hat

I would make some changes next time. At least I now know that you need 150-200 yards of yarn to make this hat. One ball only had 118 yards.

Finally, I finished Hannah’s Baby’s Blanket with plenty of time to spare for the Baby Shower:

Hannah's Baby's Blanket

It does not show up in the picture, but as well as the red and the black, there was also dark blue and dark green. I really like the suddenness of the red and subtleties of the blue and green. I knew the Baby Shower was in May so I planned to be finished by May. I even had time to attach Icord all the way round:

Icord edge

I’ve since found out that the baby shower is not until the end of May. Oh well, it is nice to be done.

I am starting Kate Gilbert’s Camellia which I will be using the blue cotton bam boo shown for the eight petaled NunuMaya in the first picture. In fact the NunuMaya was my swatch.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Yarns: FO Friday

  1. Not quite true–the dark blue and dark green do show up (I noticed them before I read your description)–they’re just subtle.

    Very pretty washcloth, that.

  2. It might be my computer but I find it hard to see the green stripes in the picture and I sort of know where they are!

  3. Labcat, I finished a hat for physioprof, I want it to be a surprise, can you contact me regarding where to send it?

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