Color themed WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

The photos below don’t show this too well, but I seem to be in a plum mood with my knitting. It is one of my favorite colors so I could knit with it all the time.

I am knitting a hat for PhysioProf as part of this agreement. I decided not to use my own chart with the requested text as I wanted to knit a top down cable hat. So that’s what I did. Unfortunately, one ball of Wool Bam Boo was not enough so I have to go to my LYS and get another to finish it, I only have about 2″ left to knit. Grrr.

Top Down Cable Hat

The yarn does glitter in the flash; it isn’t that shiny in real life, but the flash was needed to show the detail. I love the way the yarn shows up the cables. I am thinking of using this for something cabley for autumn.

For Mum, I am knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann‘s Rib Warmer (I’m not using a kit from Schoolhouse Press, even though that is where the link goes to). I decided to use some yarn (Feelings by Zitron – no link) found in my stash, which I obviously bought at a guild yarn swap, because there was a price on the bag with a guild member’s name. I wish I could remember buying it (and some of the other yarns in my stash).

Mum's Rib Warmer

I showed you this rib warmer about a month ago and I’ve made some progress since. I’ve been finishing off something else, but you’ll have to wait for a FO Friday to find out what. (Note to self: Take pictures for Friday.) The rib warmer is part of a knitalong with my local guild. I am really enjoying knitting it. It is easy and clever at the same time. I’m planning on knitting another one very soon. (Despite the 16 items queued in Ravelry and the odd ideas I keep having and not following through.)

The Rib Warmer shall go with the seed stitch hat I finished last month. The hat was sent to Mum as an American Mothers’ Day present. Not that she is American, it is just that the British one was in March or something, so while I appreciate her every day of the year, I send her celebratory stuff for the American one as I usually know when that one is happening.

That reminds me that Fathers’ Day (celebrated on the same day in both US and UK – we agreed about something) is coming up soon. I know what I want to knit for Dad, but when?


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