Murphy is still mad

Sigh. It is hard for me not to just let him out.  He seems all right about being indoors now after over an hour of moaning and moping near the doors.  I probably didn’t help by going outside myself and leaving him indoors.  Around about sunset was his favorite time for going out.  I like to be out then too.

I wish he could be an outdoor cat but he gets beaten up.  Unfortunately, you cannot reason with a cat:

“I’ll let you out if you promise to stay away from the nasty cat that clawed you last month and back in November.”

Yeah, right.  He is a CAT.


3 thoughts on “Murphy is still mad

  1. I personally think he wants to get out and show that other cat who is boss. Or try to do so at least. He is a Murphy with a (thwarted) mission.

    There is no reasoning with a cat however. I tell Oscar all sorts of stuff, but it isn’t like he really gets any of it. I just feel better for having explained. LOL

  2. Murphy’s thwarted mission is precisely why I can’t let him outside. Thanks for reminding me.

    Yeah, I feel better telling him why he can’t go out. It just does not stop his mewing at the doors though.

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