Finished Objects Friday: Knitting and Gardening

Beagle Washclot

I finished this washcloth last month but never got round to posting it. I also completed this seed stitch top down hat:

Top Down Seed Stitch Hat

It was my gauge swatch for Mum’s rib warmer.

Another finished object was this:

Day Lily Bed

I spent two hours yesterday dividing and spreading out day lilies. Hopefully the tall ones are now in the back and the shorter ones in the front. Some doofus had planted them the wrong way round. Looks around for a culprit. Yes, that’s right, me.

Now I have lots of day lilies looking for a good home:

Excess day lilies

If you live in the DE area and are interested, leave a message in the comments.

Yesterday, after all that work, I was so stiff and sore. I ached all over, especially my upper back, shoulders and arms. I limited upper body strength so I could feel that I had many muscles that I rarely use. Typing does not require much upper body strength.

I’ve restarted yoga (after a break of about six months) which was both helping and hurting – ow, my hips. Today I am not as stiff or sore, I thought it would be worse, so perhaps the yoga is paying off.

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