Non Traditional Academic Careers

In a recent comment to one of my posts Flicka Mawa wrote:

Also, thanks for your comment on my post about less traditional science professor careers. If you have any blog posts that have already addressed your experiences around that, I’d love for you to direct me to them!

Which was in response to my comment on her post on non-traditional academic and research careers.  I haven’t written any posts about teaching at a community college because I do not start until the fall.  I have written about teaching in a research university (RU), and as some of my teaching in non-traditional, people may be interested in checking them out:

Food Chem Group Project Dilemma

Writing in the classroom


Fortunately at my RU, there were a number of faculty that were very supportive good teaching.  I excelled at this which is why I am excited to be starting at an institution where teaching is its central purpose.  I will post about my experiences as they come along.