WIP Wednesday: Mum’s Rib Warmer

WIP Wednesday

My knitting group, the Knitting Knutz, are doing a Rib Warmer knitalong. The pattern is one of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s and was first seen by one of our members in her Knitting Workshop. It has also been published in Wool Gathering and is now available in Spun Out # 17 and 42. Meg Swansen and Schoolhouse Press just, fortuitously, came out with a DVD on the Rib Warmer, which is excellent and tells you everything you need to know to knit it.

I am on the short rows on the first side:

Mum's Rib Warmer 1st side

The corner in detail:

Mum's Rib Warmer corner detail

At the meeting on Sunday, I had fun helping other people work out the math needed for the rib warmer. It is on the small side – 36″ chest is the recommended size, which EZ says “Should fit most people”. My mum should be swamped by this but most of us in the guild have a “mature” figure – as we used to call it as teenagers. Therefore, we need to add more stitches across the chest.

For example, let’s say I have a 40″ chest and the rib warmer has four sides: Front and Back Right and Front and Back Left, and so each side should be 1/4 of my final body width. Since the recommended gauge is 4 stitches per inch, the math is fairly straight forward as the number of stitches required per side = the chest measurement in inches.

If you do not obtain a gauge of 4 st/inch the math is:

Chest size = Y inches

Gauge = Z stitches/inch

Number of stitches wanted in total = Y x Z stitches

Number of stitches per side = (Y x Z)/4 stitches

If you do not believe my math for the 4 st/inch gauge, just insert Y=40, Z=4 and see what number you have. You can change Y and Z values and test my math even further!

I realize as I write this, as a scientist I should be doing it all in metric measurements, but that would really confuse my fellow knitters. I have the habit of chopping and changing between imperial (English to Americans) and metric measurements. At least I am not building a space probe to Mars!


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