Mike and Ruthy, Tin Angel, April 5 2008


On Saturday Mike and Ruthy came down, with Will, to open for Jeffery Gaines. They only did about six songs, but what a great six songs. And I got to meet the baby.

I still need to work on taking photos in venues like the Tin Angel where the lighting is poor. Perhaps if I had been using my more powerful camera, it would not have been such a problem. I did accidentally take one with the flash:

Mike and Ruthy

As it was an accident, they have red eyes!

At least the Tin Angel lets me take as many as I want. Here is one of Mikey in the dark:


At least there is only one of him. Some of my other shots were blurry and others showed two or three of images imposed on top of each other.

Of course their show was great. They are coming back to the Philly area in June. Check out their website for details.

Jeff Gaines, who was the main act, was good. He was very funny. I liked his spiel as much as his songs, even so he was an excellent singer. As he was new to me I have to listen to more of his music to appreciate it.