Food Fest: Vegetarian Menus

Leeks and Mushrooms in Miso Sauce

When I had lunch with Suzanne, of Thus Spake Zuska, a few weeks ago [which reminds me, I still have a quarter of that cake, yes that one, in the freezer] she asked what kind of food did I eat as a vegetarian because she was thinking of trying to eat more vegetarian meals. I also had a discussion with a choir friend about menu planning so I thought this might help other people.

I just found, in one of my recipe books, my menu plan from March 25 2007. It went like this:

  • Sunday Dinner: Lentil and Potato Bake
  • Monday Lunch: Bean and Tahini Dip (out Dinner)
  • Tuesday Lunch: Bean and Tahini Dip
    • Dinner: Bake (see Sunday)
  • Wednesday Dinner Pilau (out lunch)
  • Thursday Dinner Pilau (out lunch)
  • Friday Lunch: Bean Dip (out dinner)
  • Saturday Breakfas: Smoothie
    • Lunch: Soup
    • Dinner: Tofu and Satay Sauce with Rice

I also listed the recipe book and page number to help me remember what page things were on.

Now, I obviously do not remember what of this I actually made and I am not usually as sociable as this week suggests. This week’s (starting last Saturday) menu is more like it.

  • Saturday Lunch: Leek and Mushroom in Miso sauce with pasta [picture shown above]
      • I made the sauce Thursday, this is my third dinner eating it. That is about my limit for repeat meals.
    • Dinner: Sloppy Joesish with Rice
      • I made this – it is really easy. I use tofu instead of minced beef. I freeze the tofu for at least 24 h. This causes the texture to change; the tofu becomes more spongy and chewy. After defrosting, I squeeze the water out and I chop it into tiny (1 cm or less) cubes. The tofu is cooked with tinned tomatoes, garlic, onions, carrot, chilli flakes, cumin seed, black pepper and hot sauce. Serve in rice and top with cheese.
  • Sunday Lunch: Sandwiches with mushroom pate
    • Dinner: See Sat
  • Monday: See Sunday; use pasta with Sloppy Joesish
  • Tuesday Lunch: See Sunday
    • Dinner: Something with Barley – need to look up recipe
  • Wednesday Lunch: Broccoli and Vegetable Soup
    • Dinner: See Tuesday
  • Thursday Lunch: See Wednesday
    • Dinner: Baked Lima Beans
  • Friday Lunch: Bean Dip/Hummus
    • Dinner: See Thursday
  • Saturday Lunch: See Friday

For dessert I eat chocolate, fruit, fruit and yoghurt, ice cream, cookies (homemade and store bought) or I do not have any. Very occasionally, I will make a nice pudding, especially if I find nice stewable fruit to make a crumble* or something similar.

This week I am working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and need portable food for lunch. I will be working at home on Wed and Thursday (don’t ask when I am going to rest) and so will have time to cook and lunches can be more adventurous.

I hope this give you food for thought [sorry]. I’ll try to update this post to tell you what I actually made and ate.

I’ll share my favorite recipe books in a later post.

*Wikipedia shows Crumbles with flour, butter and sugar toppings. My Mum taught me to make crumble toppings with rolled oats, crushed cornflakes or crushed Weetabix [yes, I can find these in the US], butter and sugar. I often add bananas to the topping too. Apparently, I unvented this idea when I misunderstood her directions. She said add bananas to the crumble, which I took to be the topping – she meant mix them in the fruit below. My favorite crumble has to be plum.

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