Knitting Pattern: Lace Scarf

I love this scarf and wear it all winter. It was my first ever design. It started as a sampler for lace patterns and then grew into a scarf.

I used three lace patterns from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting. The middle pattern is Lace Diamond Chain:

Which is surrounded by Cat’s Paw and Four Stitch Rib:

Between each pattern is a column of reverse stocking stitch (purl on the right side, knit on the wrong) and I believe I slipped the first stitch of every row.

Here is a chart of the pattern. I have only shown the right side rows as the wrong side rows are all purl EXCEPT for the stitch between each pattern.

Read the chart right to left.

I haven’t tested anything from the chart, so I may have made mistakes.

If you click on the chart, it should take you too a bigger version.

The Details


A Touch of Twist” Colour Spectrum. It is a Sport Weight Wool. I used about 100 – 200 yards.


I don’t have this written down. Try a 6 or 7 US (4 or 4.5 mm).

Cast on 46 stitches. Knit four rows.

Start working from the bottom of the chart.

There are 48 rows shown on the chart, because this is one repeat, since Cat’s Paw is 6 rows and Lace Diamond Chain is 16 rows. For my scarf I repeated the chart 5 times, but I like very long scarves.

After finishing your last repeat, knit 4 rows and bind off loosely.

Pattern Copyright ©2008 cdavies

9 thoughts on “Knitting Pattern: Lace Scarf

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  2. Hello!
    This is so beautiful, and I’m giving it a try. How important is it to make sure you knit or purl the stitch between each pattern? I was doing one of the rows and I think I might have knitted one of those divider stitches when I probably should have purled…

    Do I have to go back, or is it going to be okay as is?


  3. Lizzie

    Thank you for your appreciation of my pattern. I enjoyed knitting it too.

    As for your question about your stitch error – it really depends on how much of a perfectionist you are. It wouldn’t bother me too much as one wrong stitch between the patterns won’t show up. It can be your mistake for this project. I always make at least one mistake per project so that I don’t upset the knitting gods. Only they are allowed to be perfect! I think this is a Mayan or Incan myth.

    If it is one stitch you can just correct that stitch and not under the whole row, but if you haven’t done that before you might want to ask some one to show you how.

  4. Hello =)
    I want to thank you for the pattern and inspiration you provided with this posting =) I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, which I used for sleeves of my new sweater. The pattern is very clear and understandable and looks absolutely great! If you want – check out the website I mentioned for the pictures of my new hand-knit sweater. 😉
    Thanks a lot!!!

  5. Has anyone reported that the chart has any mistake?
    Also, what is the in-between rows,knit or purls?
    Thanks for being so kind as to print your pattern for free, so so generous person, you!
    By the way,comment 1 above – the link goes to an error page (not my computer’s one, and actual internet one)

    • Please tell me what the error is so that I can correct it.

      Between each pattern, where there is an empty square, this refers to the last listing on the key: purl on right side, knit on wrong.

      Thanks for your comments, please let me know if you have any further questions.

  6. I’m so excited to find Lace Diamond in a charted form. I love the pattern but I’m hopeless at reading patterns. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Hello! I was just wondering if you slipped the first stitch of every row or not? Thanks so much! ❤

    • Hello all! I just wanted to let you guys know that I completed the pattern and it is absolutely beautiful! It is my first more complicated pattern and it came out great. I used red cotton yarn and a size 6 needle. It was a bit thicker than the scarf pictured but it came out beautifully! I didn’t find any mistakes in the pattern like someone else said they found, it was perfect. Also, I ended up slipping the first stitch of every row, purl wise for the right side rows and knit wise for the wrong side rows. I plan on making this scarf in a lot of different colors! 🙂

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