Garlic Doldrums

garlic spires

I used my last clove of homegrown garlic yesterday. Yes, of course, I bought more, but that was the first time I paid for garlic in about 3 or 4 years.

Running out was part of a deliberate policy of planting enough cloves last fall so that I do not have to ever fear running out again. A friend worked out that his family used 1 globe of garlic per week. This seemed like a good target, so I planted over 100 cloves so that I could keep his family and myself in garlic for a year. I also planted extra so that I have enough to plant on.

I also started onion seeds on that basis – I must use about 2 onions a week – so far I have 50 onions that have germinated. I started 100, but one pack of seeds was three years old and they have yet to germinate. I intend to leave them a little longer, it has been less than two weeks since I started the seeds. If no seeds germinate by the beginning of March, I will get new seeds and try again.

The onion seeds that were successful were Australian brown onions purchased from Seed Savers Exchange.

I also started basil and parsley. One basil seed has germinated so far. Parsley has a very long germination time.