ABC along correction

Having checked Knitorious’s instructions, I see that she has put up a revised edition. We are only meant to be posting one picture/blog post per letter:

ETA: My intent – what I had in my mind – was ONE well-chosen THING and ONE well-chosen PHOTO to represent each letter; possibly several other photographs to illustrate and explore that thing, but not TWENTY different things for each letter. Choosing only one subject forces one to think and be disciplined. What is the BEST representation of YOU for a given letter? What is the best way to portray it, frame it, shoot it?

So for the two letters I have already done:

A is for Avocado(e)s

A high fat healthy treat for a cold January. Delicious at any other time of the year too. I know that my spelling for for the plural of avocado is inconsistent.

B is for Books:

As I cannot live without them. Reading is the most addictive of my hobbies. I have days when I cannot do anything else. I go to work, yeah, but when not there, I am reading.

As for the other letters you will just have to wait for their weeks to come up. From now on, I will only post one post per letter. I can already see that it is more interesting that way.

I did have one more B but I will use that picture for another letter or another post on a different topic.