My Folia: Ravelry for Gardeners

I was emailed via my flickr site about MyFolia which does the same thing for gardeners what Ravelry does for knitters and crocheters.

I must be a keener knitter than gardener as so far I can’t see My Folia being as helpful as Ravelry. Perhaps as Spring and gardening take over, Folia will be more useful.

I just went over to see what you could do – I can see I will have to limit my time there as I do here, on Ravelry and on Flickr (yeah, right) and I wonder where my time goes 😉

I hope there is not a similar page for singers or musicians. Mind you, that might be neat – I could list the songs I want to sing all in one place and I could… uh oh.

If you do join, my handle, as always, is LabCat.

D’uh I’m so slow… I only just got the name – folia –> foliage, gettit?