Yarn Yarns: In the Mail

I love this, I order yarn and then it arrives. So exciting. I got Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry, Blue Ink, Beryl Heather, Daffodil, Wheat, Misty and Stream. I am going to knit two cushion covers for my friends, Jessica and Robert, as a wedding present. The fronts will be a version of the Woolly Thought’s design Curve of Pursuit. As I cannot work out how to use all the colors at once, I tried – it looks awful and I thought I was good at knitting with color -, one will be hollyberry, wheat and daffodil and the other will be blue ink, stream, beryl heather and misty. I’m not sure about the backs, but they will probably be different and will probably include all seven colors:

yarn for cushions

In other knitting news, I decided to frog this hat back about ten rows from the top:

Lisa's Hat

The texture pattern did not work out. Not helped by the fact that I started wrong, so the 4 k x 4 p basket stitch ended up being random and messy. I thought adding eight stitches per row would allow the pattern to work, but not so. I probably should have decided the final number of stitches and worked out where the blocks would be or had a stocking stitch section for increases between each basket stitch section or something…

Basket stitch worked on the scarf I completed earlier:

Lisa's Scarf

Looking at the picture makes me think that perhaps basket stitch is too square for a round object like a hat, which does look much better in stocking stitch. As they are for the same person and in the same yarn, I was hoping to continue with the same pattern; perhaps I will do a basket stitch pattern at the base of the hat.


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  1. I cannot wait to see the completed sweater with all of the different colors!

  2. It is proving to be more challenging than I realized. I need to try some color matching swatches first.

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