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23 Jan 2008

B is for Books

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I could let B go by without discussing books. I have lots and lots of books. I always thought it would be great to have enough books so that you could always read a book on any topic whenever you wanted. Like having a private bookstore or library. I think I succeeded, here is one bookcase, which contains cookery books:

Cookery Books

Not just cookery books, also books about food – even some of my food science books. I need a bigger bookcase to fit all my food-based books, so the rest of them are in the study with my science and history books:

When I need to relax, I sit in my living room and read my fiction books. I have a bookcase and a half of fiction books, including a whole shelf of books by Dick Francis:

Ignore the booze on the first bookcase – it is a collection from other people who were leaving town. Really. I can also look at my collection of biographies and art books:

Or I can check out my gardening books for advice and ideas about plants:

And last but not least I have a great collection knitting books:



  1. Wow, and I thought I had a lot of books. You’ve got at least one bookcasefull more than me, although I keep my booze on a different shelf, not with the books 🙂

    Comment by PetoskyTurtle — 23 Jan 2008 @ 7:10 pm

  2. love the books! What a great library that you have there – must be very useful! The spirits just keep the books happy, and that is always a good thing!

    Comment by Heather — 27 Jan 2008 @ 11:58 am

  3. Wow!!! *drools*

    I wish I owned that many books…


    Comment by Jolynn — 28 Jan 2008 @ 11:55 pm

  4. Found your blog off of the ABC group on Ravelry. My B was also for books!

    Comment by Debbie — 1 Feb 2008 @ 6:52 am

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