New Avatar

So I had a really productive afternoon. Using powerpoint, I drew myself a new avatar. I’ve always wanted something that represented my online persona, so I am proud to introduce my new Lab Cat Avatar, which represents a cat’s head coming out of a conical (Erlenmeyer – if you are in the US) flask, with the cat’s tail attached to the flask:

Lab Cat Avatar mini
What do you think? Did I do a good job?

2 thoughts on “New Avatar

  1. I like it, except for the tail. Until I read it was the tail, I was thinking it was a handle on the flask. Actually it reminds me of an upside down travel mug. But the cat face is way cute.

  2. That’s ok, the tail can be a handle too. Just don’t try picking up a live cat by its tail.

    Conical flasks are a bit like upside down travel mugs.

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