Roses are Orange

My house needed some color soon Friday I got these gorgeous roses from the grocery store. I wanted tulips, but there were not any yet. These roses are almost tulip colored.

Earlier in the day I was at A Gardens of Yarn and bought this yarn:

New Yarn

Are you noticing a color theme here?Then later that evening regular commentator, Lisa, and occasional guest blogger, Hudaa, and I got together and had a make your own pizza party. It was great fun – we made the whole pizza from scratch:


Definitely a orange colored Friday.

The pizza recipe is from Rose Elliot‘s The Complete Vegetarian (Amazon), which is the mainstay of my recipe book collection.


3 thoughts on “Roses are Orange

  1. The pizza was sort of orange now that you mention it. It was also very delicious. You forgot to mention that everyone thought the flowers were fake initially, as they were so perfect looking. They look more real in your photograph. 😉

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