My Best Knitting of 2007

In her New Year’s Post the Yarn Harlot challenges us to list our best knitting of 2007. After thinking about it for a while, I realised that I could do a photo essay by sorting my knitting by season. Not all photos are posted in the season they were completed, but more in the season that I thought was appropriate.


Jester’s Jacket (I still need a photo of this being worn)

Charity Baby Blankets


Joie De Vivre Shell

Mystery Stole !!!!

Links: Swatch Clue 2 Clue 3 Clue 4 Clue 5 Clue 6 & Finished


Lisa’s Scarf

Top Down Skirt (Looks much better on!)

Mike and Ruthy’s Baby Blanket

Steeked Scarf


Dad’s Vest

Campesino Purse for Lucia

My best project has to be the Jester’s Jacket as it was all my own ideas and design. I also designed Dad’s vest and Mike and Ruthy’s Baby Blanket, which are patterns I’ll write up one day.


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