Yarn Yarns: Startitus

I have a severe case of startitus and, despite having projects to finish, I started knitting this little doll purse for my niece. I hope she loves it as much as me:

I still have the pants, feet and hat to knit.

It is from Andean Folk Knits by Marcia Lewandowski.

I wanna start a scarf for my Mum. It is from Vogue Vintage Knits and should be fairly simple. I am also looking for something for SIL, bro and nephew. The latter will probably not want anything knitted. Far too uncool. I hope to repeat Dad’s Zipped vest for bro so that I can refine the pattern and use a yarn that is still available so that it is more commercial. I need his approval and measurements before I start that.

Just like me to think knitting for Christmas presents less than three weeks before!