Murphy Update


I won’t go as far as claiming that Murphy is “used” to the e-collar (e for Elizabethan) but he is eating, sleeping and shitting. This is a good sign. He is also being very clingy, but wouldn’t you be if you had a piece of plastic tubing around your neck?

I’m not exactly sure how he got the wound, but he came home about three weeks ago limping. He had a problem with his right shoulder. I assumed that he got kicked or bitten there. The limp slowly improved as Murphy slept his injuries off. Everything was fine I thought. He had even cleaned his wound and had licked away the fur. Good so far. Until the next day when I realized that he had no only cleaned away the fur but also the top layer or two of skin and it was constantly bleeding.

Hence the desperate measures with the head collar.

Two days of head collar and the wound has a scab and is healing. No more sinews to be seen.

I did think about taking him to the vet, but he never stopped eating so as long as he was not on death’s door, he was going to be all right. If the wound does not completely heal up properly, he will be going to the vet. I have every faith in our and is ability to heal naturally.

Currently he is sitting on my lap, hindering my ability to type and purring!


3 thoughts on “Murphy Update

  1. Murphy’s current portrait is adorably sad. I’m glad he’s healing and share your opinion that animals sometimes need time to heal before being rushed the vet. (This opinion only came after spending upwards of $1K during the first year I had my dog – being overly cautious gets very expensive.)

  2. It is the first time he has been seriously injured or ill in ten years -I mean ever! So it is hard for both of us to cope with. He sleeps a lot and I am remaining firm over the head collar.

    The wound is healing. Yeah! Hopefully the collar can come off on Thanksgiving Day and stay off. I don’t want to have to put it back on if I take it off too early.

  3. Awe poor Murphy! He looks like he desperately wants that collar off. I am so glad to hear that the wound is healing nicely. It may be best to keep the collar on until it fully heals that way he won’t be licking it raw again. Poor baby I know he will be grateful once he can get all comfy again.

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