The Quills – No Science Category

This is interesting. MSNBC is hosting the Quills, an

initiative launched with the support of Reed Business Information and NBC, is an industry-qualified “consumers choice” awards program for books. The Quills celebrates the best adult and children’s books of the year in 19 popular categories, ranging in everything from biography to general fiction to cookbooks and graphic novels.

Rather ignorantly, of all the books on the short list, I’ve only read bits of How Doctors Think by Jeremy Groopman; so that was my top book of 2007!  It does not help that there is no category for science, which is what I read mostly. There is a Religion/Spirituality so I am pretty indignant about the lack of a science section. Some science books are listed, for example, in the Biography category there is a bio of Einstein, How Doctors Think is listed in the Health/Self Improvement category and in the Debut Author category is This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin.

What is your best book of 2007?