Knitting Pattern: Five-point Bag

Five Point Bag

This bag is made using pentagrams in a modular style. I call the pentagrams “stars” because they also make great Christmas stars for decorations. The back is either done as a repeat of the front or on double pointed needles from the center outwards.

Back of Bag


Scraps of Yarn; less than a skein of at least 4 different colors. How you distribute the colors is up to you. This is not given in the pattern below, use the pictures above as a guide, if that helps.

Appropriate needles: Straight, circular, double pointed and crotchet hook. And needles at least 2 sizes larger.

Darning needle

A button


Cast on: Use larger needles. Cable cast on is recommended, but keep it loose

s2kp – slip two stitches knitwise together, knit 1, pass slipped stitches together over knit stitch

Unless otherwise stated always slip the first stitch of each row knitwise

Weave any ends in on row 2


Cast on 57 stitches

Row 1 (wrong side): slip 1, knit 5, purl 1, (knit 10, purl 1) x 4, knit 5, purl 1

Row 2: s1, k4, s2kp, (k8, s2kp) x 4, k4, p1 (47 stitches)

Row 3: s1, k4, p1, (k8, p1) x 4, k4, p1

Row 4: s1, k3, s2kp, (k6, s2kp) x 4, k3, p1 (37 stitches)

Row 5: s1, k3, p, (k6, p1) x 4, k3, p1

Row 6: s1, k2, s2kp, (k4, s2kp) x 4, k2, p1 (27 stitches)

Row 7: s1, k2, p1, (k4, p1) x 4, k2, p1

Row 8: s1, k1, s2kp, (k2, s2kp) x 4, k1, p1 (17 stitches)

Row 9: s1, k1, p1, (k2, p1) x 4, k1, p1

Row 10: s1, s2kp x 5, p1 (7 stitches)

Row 11: s1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p2

Row 12: s2kp, k1, s2kp (3 stitches)

Row 13: s1 (PURLWISE), p2

Row 14: s2kp

Cut a long end (about 8 inches) off yarn, and pass through remaining stitch

With a darning needle, mattress stitch the edges together so that the seam is INSIDE/ Wrong side

I.E. With wrong side facing, take yarn down through stitch on Left side, up through RIGHT side stitch . down through next right side stitch, up through original left side stitch, down next stitch, down through last right side stitch to end. Fasten off yarn.

Front of bag

***Star 1 is the middle star***

Star 1: follow above directions for Star.

Star 2: Cast on 17 stitches, pick up and knit 12 stitches from one side of first star, cast on rest of stitches. Then follow directions for Star above.

Star 3: Cast on 17, pick up and knit 11 stitches from second star, pick up and knit together a stitch from each second star and first star, pick up and knit 11 stitches from middle star, cast on 17 stitches. Follow directions for Star above.

Stars 4 and 5: Repeat as for third star except using stitches from Star 3 or 4, respectively, for first pick up and knit stitches. Follow directions for Star above.

Sixth star: Cast on 17, pick up and knit 11 stitches from star 5, 11 stitches from star 1 and 12 stitches from star 2. Follow directions for star above.

Front of bag is finished.


Either repeat directions for front of bag OR:

Using double pointed needles cast on 5 stitches and join being careful not to twist. Share the 5 stitches over double pointed needles.

Row 1:(k1, yo) repeat to end

Row 2: (k1, p1) repeat to end

Row 3: (k1, yo, k1, yo) repeat to end

Row 4: (k1, p3, k1, p3) repeat to end

Row 5: (k1, yo, k3, yo,, k1, yo, k3) repeat to end

Row 6: (k1 p5, k1, p5) repeat to end

Repeat as above until:

K1, p23, k1, p23 repeat to end

Leave stitches on needle or scrap yarn.


Join back and front using single crotchet or I-cord, leave hole with at least 12 stitches for opening.


Cast on 17 stitches, pick up and k 12 from back , cast on to make total of 57 stitches. Follow directions for star. Border star with either single crotchet or I-cord. Make a loop at the apex for button hole.

Sew on button

Make I-cord or other for strap.

© 2007 CDavies

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