Food Fables

I have already mentioned the recent food recall for bagged salad; and here is some other food news for this week.

Drink tap water. An older link reiterating an old argument. Not only is tap water better regulated but you do not have the problem of plastic bottle disposal and the issue of transportation costs. I have a filter on my kitchen faucet and fill bottles with filtered tap water as my home town has to have the worst tasting water I have ever tasted. Yes, worse even than London.

Eat local. I am reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable and Miracle. I do have some quibbles about her mildly anti-technology comments but I am finding it fascinating. This means the I am more in tune for stories on eating locally than I used to be. The only things I have bought recently that wasn’t local was orange juice and chocolate. I bought a packet of Herrs Chips but they are within 100 miles of my home so…

Regulate food advertising to kids. This is being implemented by self-regulatory body, the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice, and applies to radio ads in the UK. This follows on from previous restrictions on TV ads that came into effect in July.

UK food prices are not rising. After the article by John Vidal that I mentioned last time, I was interested to see that Forbes is claiming that food prices are not soaring. But New Zealanders are feeling the pinch. Is it just this month’s story?