Musical Interludes – Brahms’ Requiem

I am excited that my choir has restarted especially as we are singing Brahms’ Requiem. It is the epitome of choral repertoire and I am very excited to be singing it. If any one is interested we are singing it with the University Orchestra on Dec 2nd.

We’ve only had two rehearsals and the choir sounds great.  We are going to be fantastic at the concert.

Now I have to brush up on my German.


2 thoughts on “Musical Interludes – Brahms’ Requiem

  1. I’m jealous. This is a superb piece.

    When I get home, I’m going to pull out my copy and sing along with you (in spirit at least).

  2. I know my choir director would welcome you to join us! You could easily commute from MN every Monday evening 😉

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