Food Fables

This really is a mishmash of links I’ve been saving up most of the summer. I am sure that there are others just as important, but I didn’t think of saving them.

Michael Pollan’s new book?

diacetyl flavor in popcorn is a health risk

To help reduce global warming,? Janet tries to do the math to find out if it is better to give up driving or become vegetarian. I must return to being a cycling vegetarian. I haven’t ridden my bike properly since before my surgery – nearly two years ago. I felt well enough this summer, but it got too hot.

Organic farming – that old argument about it using up all the land to feed all the people.

Chocolate helps with addition reported by Grrl Scientist

I said the bioethanol would affect food prices and here is John Vidal, of the Guardian, proving that I were right. It was just published in the Guardian Weekly.