Growing Up in a Sorority

Sororities get a bad rap. While this may be partly justified, any professional sorority gives undergraduate women a safe environment in which they can be a leader and learn responsibility. While I tend to avoid anything that smells even slightly cliquey, I do help advise a professional sorority. I enjoy this because I love watching my young women grow in personality, learn how to take on responsibility and how to delegate.

I enjoy working with my co-advisors as while they come to the sorority with different perspectives, we are in agreement of supporting our young women and helping them grow. We all know that life is not perfect and, hopefully, help the sorority women realize that they cannot be friends with every member of the sorority. Individuals are going to prefer other individuals and that might not mean you. We also try to avoid cliques from forming or at least taking over sorority events.

I see my role as advisor as the tight rope around a boxing ring or the net under a tightrope. I might not be able to stop the fights but hopefully I can stop them from falling before they get unnecessarily hurt. Growing up is about taking risks, stretching your body and your mind and learning about your own limitations. It is also about learning when to say “No” politely and firmly and NOT taking on responsibility when you do not have the time commitment.

Hopefully, I help my young women learn to make the appropriate decision for their circumstances.


One thought on “Growing Up in a Sorority

  1. Ironically, I joined a sorority to meet women. I was a women in science 20mumble years ago, and didn’t have any female friends!

    I’m always amazed at the reaction I get when I tell people I was in a sorority. “Shock and awe” are pretty good descriptions :p

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