Yarn Yarns – Completed Projects and New; Freestyle Knitting Workshop.

Mystery Stole 3 came off the blocking wires last Thursday and I wore it that evening. It turned out even better than I hoped. I am pleased with the color choice and know that I will use it more often than the recommended black or white. I know this as I have a black and a white shawl already and rarely wear them. This stole will go with many different outfits.

The surprise I was hinting at on Ravelry is that the final 15 rows (or so) were knitted using Knit Picks Shimmer:



The edge yarn really sets off the pink of the wing. I also think it brings the teal and the pink together.



The bedspread is bad as a background, but I don’t have anything better, yet.

This was my first time to seriously block anything and I am really excited about how blocking changed the stole. The points of the wing were stretched and stretched to an inch of their lives and this really helped with their final look:


MS3 edge

I am now thinking of blocking my other shawls and seeing how they turn out. Finally I know that they will look better blocked.

This is not the only knitting project I have been working on. Another completed project is a baby blanket that I am knitting for my friends, M & R, who are expecting their first baby. I don’t think they read my blog, so don’t tell them as it is meant to be a surprise. If you do read my blog, R&M, skip over the next few pictures. R wanted something in green. Hopefully this is green enough:


Baby Blanket

There is green in every square. The pattern is a mixture of EZ’s mystery blanket and a mitered square. No sewing! Here is an edge detail:


Baby Blanket Edge Detail

I also “signed” one edge:



Life has not all been finishing projects. I started something new. This is a swatch for a top down skirt I made with Cherry Tree Hill Oceania Bright:



I actually finished it today, except for weaving in the ends, but you will have to wait until next week for pictures.

Finally, I have some very exciting news. My local yarn store (LYS), Stitches with Style, has asked me to hold a Freestyle Knitting Workshop/Class. Currently, in the store my Jester’s Jacket is on display as we hope it will persuade people to take the workshop. If you are interested leave a message in the comments and I’ll email you the information flyer.

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I never wrote up Clue 1 – too busy knitting. Pictures of it and the other MS3 photos are in my MS3 set at Flickr.




10 thoughts on “Yarn Yarns – Completed Projects and New; Freestyle Knitting Workshop.

  1. I wish I could knit pretty things! Now I’m all jealous. But everything is absolutely lovely – I’m very impressed.

  2. The stole looks great, but I told you that when I saw it live on Thursday. You are very handy. I also like the baby blanket – were you working on that when I was at your house? I feel like I’ve seen parts of it. Anyway, cool stuff, very pretty!!

  3. I want to see the stole on! Pretty please?
    Love the baby blanket, and yes, it’s nicely but not overwhelmingly green.
    Very busy knitter you have been!

  4. Katie and Emilee

    Thanks for you votes of approval.


    At some point you probably saw me knitting the baby blanket.


    I need to find some one to take a picture …

  5. Wow, you sure have used a lot of colours! Good thing you ended up with what you like the most. That’s the important thing.

  6. Particularly liked your first photo (final 15 rows…) although I know nothing of knitting. I wonder whether there are scientific insights to gained from knitting although be warned that I have spent hours watching streams of motorcycles in Hanoi flowing thru each other thinking similar thoughts. Even if not, I’ve enjoyed looking at your photos. And if looking at photos of knitting helps me fold a protein, you’ll be sure to get a credit!

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  9. Excellent site cdavies.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here: this .. as it’s taken me literally 3 hours and 21 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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