Dog Days of Summer: Orange Zinnia

August is a quiet time for the garden. Too hot and humid for much to happen. Certainly too hot for my thick British blood to enjoy working outdoors.

The zinnias and marigolds that I started at the end of July finally flowered but something keeps eating the sunflower plants. So much for my hope that the sunflowers would act as poles for the nasturtiums to grow up.

The rain last week has made the garden very lush. I finally got tomatoes to eat – even though some had blossom end rot despite eggshells being added to their hole when planting out. I also harvested my first ripe pepper – I have eaten some green but this is a nice red one. Broccoli keeps coming a few buds at a time despite the plant being ravaged by beetles and caterpillars. My basil needs cutting back, as does the rosemary and oregano. I also have mesclun mix and sorrel for salad. Unfortunately, my blackberry harvest was poor not enough rain at the right time.

I need to test some seeds for fall planting to see if they are still viable. Parsley in particular but some old lettuce seeds don’t seem to be germinating, but that might be the heat. I found some cover crop seeds that should not be viable but I think I throw them into some open spaces and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer: Orange Zinnia

  1. Wow, the zinnia is gorgeous, so very orange. I am glad you are finally getting tomatoes and peppers. I know I enjoyed the basil when you shared. I think it is the time for eating plants though – my little deck garden has been attacked by caterpillars (or something that likes to eat holes in petunias – A LOT!)

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