Monarch butterfly on buddleia

It’s like Piccadilly Circus in my backyard at times. This is just one of the visitors feeding off the buddleia on my patio. Yesterday I saw other butterflies, humming birds, goldfinches, cardinals, dragon flies…

This is the only shot I got as it kept moving around and I took too long to set up the camera.


2 thoughts on “Monarch butterfly on buddleia

  1. This may be a duplicative comment as I also posted directly at Flicker. I like your photo. I believe you have an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail here. The species even shows up in Houston on occasion. I recently acquired a Fuji Finepix S-700 complete for about $250 at (I think that is the correct website name) and have been taking pictures of butterflies and native bees around Houston with the excellent macro-telephoto and super-macro functions. GrrlScientist just posted my photo of a Gray Hairstreak in case you would like to see what the camera can do.

  2. Thanks for the proper identification. It shows how much I know about butterflies.

    I only had the one chance to take this picture so I would have had time to add close up filters or anything.

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