Food and Science Fables

Women see color differently to men

Fructose intake and plasma triglyceride level and a link from the comments from the article

I like to shout my mouth off. Unfortunately, the food industry does its best to make me feel stupid. I told a friend this weekend that you would not get botulism from commercially canned meat. Less than 24 h later: FDA warns food recall is urgent. Sigh! The company involved has a list of food products that it has “voluntarily” recalled.

Another problem is whether people get to hear about food recalls including stores as well as consumers. What’s lurking in your pantry?

I read a summary of this article in New Scientist, but Island of Doubt saves me having to review it. Now I have another way to gloat about being vegetarian – it is environmentally friendlier.

I’m off to the Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting in Chicago. Come and visit me at the poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.


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  1. Good luck with your posters at IFT! I am sure you’ll be brilliant. Hope the conference brings other useful info to you as well.

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