Weekending in Portsmouth NH

I went to visit my friends R&J in New Hampshire for a long weekend and I had a great time. I took lots of photos and ate lots of good food and, of course, heard lots of good music.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the Mammals were playing in Portsmouth this weekend. As they won’t come to visit me, I have to visit them! Nine months without seeing and hearing the Mammals is too long.

They played the last set at the Seacoast Cure for Cancer fundraiser and the Red Hook Brewery. A great time was had by all. At least, by the end lots of people were up and dancing. They played a great lively set mostly of their older songs (Evolver and Rock that Babe, rather than Departure). So lots of danceable numbers. That did not stop me taking photos and I even had enough energy to remember that I wanted a photo of their bow. Usually I am too busy cheering and clapping.

I also saw Mike and Ruthy’s concert at Portsmouth’s Folk Festival on Sat. That was a pleasantly mellow set, with a mixture of numbers from Quiver and from their soon to be released Honeymoon Agenda CD. Some may have been even newer than that. Great afternoon sitting in the sun by the river listening to good music.

I have many more photos from both shows and will post the best of them on Flickr soon.

Update: The photos are up and I also added all my other Mammals photos too.


2 thoughts on “Weekending in Portsmouth NH

  1. The picture looks good. I am glad you got in lots of Mammals time and had a good visit. Did you take J to the concerts? Did she enjoy them?

  2. I took both my friends to the both the concerts. During Mike and Ruth’s set, R asked if they would be free for the wedding. At the Mammals show on Sunday both got up and danced. J said folk music would never be her favorite type of music but…

    At least now they don’t think I am totally crazy being a Mammals groupie! Crazy yes, but not totally wacko.

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