Posting Apologies

I know I should be writing a serious scientific blog post. I need to write several: one for my folks on bone density so they can understand more about osteoporosis and osteoarthritis; one on my experiences on the Sloop Clearwater; and I have other food science ideas to write about too.

It has been one of those weeks. I felt sort of bleuh. I’m blaming it mostly on the heat as and stuff. My English blood cannot deal with the heat so the heat wave we had earlier this week really got under my skin. Eventually I admitted defeat and put the air conditioning on. I had been trying the open windows in the evening trick which was working to get the house cooler, but kept me from sleeping well. I don’t need much sleep but do need quality sleep. Having the AC on helps a lot but I feel guilty wasting resources. I have a largish house for the garden – smaller houses did not have enough space around them. Indeed many bigger houses did not have enough space around them. So I feel guilty about wasting the world’s resources and then I make myself ill in the heat! I also got very little done at work and I didn’t have that much to do in the first place. Sigh. Just one of those weeks. You know the ones I mean.

This morning, while listening to the rain, I was tempted to stay in bed all day. This weekend I am going to curl up with the first clue of mystery stole 3 and ignore the world for a while. Some people have finished clue one already! It was only released this morning. I’m going to be one of the slower knitters here, I can just tell.

While I get myself back together, I hope you are enjoying the photos. I am pretty pleased with this set and I noticed more flowers were nearly blooming when I went out this morning to find the Murph, in the rain. What is it about my cat? He likes to get wet?

I’m going home now. More later.