Cat Tails: Murphy in the garden

Murphy listening and looking, originally uploaded by Lab Cat.

When I was taking picture last Sunday morning, Murphy came out to see what I was up to. He was very interested in noises and movements in the overgrown flower bed. I entertained him for a while with my foot!

Now it has become very hot here, we spend our evenings sprawled around the house. The garden can wait for the weekend when it is meant to be cooler.

I did have have branch come down during the day Tuesday. It was not even windy so I guess squirrels or something were bouncing up and down on it when it broke off. It was a big branch. I cleared it up Wed morning before it got hot; only to get up this morning to discover more branches had come down in yesterday’s storm. We lost power for an hour or so, but it was so close to bed time that I just pottered around in the dark – I found a flashlight – and then lit a couple of candles to entertain me. It was a good excuse not to wash up.