Yarn Yarns – Swatch for Mystery Stole 3 Detail

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I decided to participate in the Mystery Stole 3 only using yarns of my choice. The recommendation was black or white, but I have both a black and a white shawl already.

So I looked though my stash knowing that I already had some lace weight yarns – which are the pink (Zephyr Wool Silk) and the variegated (Knit Picks Shimmer) and then I bought the jade (Zephyr Jaggerspun) to balance out the pink.

I am concerned that it is a repeat of the color scheme that I did a few years ago for the South West Shawl:

I am also wondering about how to use the three colors. I am still debating whether just to change yarns every other row so it looks part of the variegation or whether to blocks of color. Hopefully I will have a better idea when the first clue comes out. I could get more of Shimmer and use the plain yarns for the border, but I am trying not to give into that temptation.

More pictures of both the swatch and the south west shawl are at Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Yarns – Swatch for Mystery Stole 3 Detail

  1. You probably saw the Special Notice — yardage needed seems considerably less than the previous estimate — so maybe that will play into yarn choices!

    I think it would be very hard to use three colors without knowing the design. Maybe, if you have the yardage, you could use the blue (or the pink) as the first color, and the Shimmer variegated as the ‘possible color change’ 2/3 of the way through? (My guess, with the 2/3 – 1/3 thing, is that there will be a knitted-on border which will be the final 1/3 of yardage — though I could be totally, miserably wrong!

    This is going to be a lot of fun!

  2. I thought about that to the extent of buying another ball of shimmer and having that as my main color. I’ll see what I feel like doing when we are given the first clue on Friday.

    I’m trying hard not to get too excited.

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