Food Fables – Papas Huancaina

Food Fables with a difference, I get to try Peruvian dishes!


Wednesday night I was invited to a Peruvian dinner by friends. She is from Peru and he is from here (US). They prepared cold dishes. He made a fruit (cherry, strawberry and blueberry pie) and she made traditional dishes from Peru. Both dishes were cold as they wanted to avoid hot food as we’ve been having it a bit warm here.

This dish is Papas Huancaina and is from Huancayo, Peru. It was basically lettuce topped with slices of cold potato, covered with a spicy cheese sauce with olives, hard boiled egg and parsley as topping. it was delicious. In case, my taste buds could not take the pain, they made the sauce less spicy that it should have been so it had a little kick, but not a lot. I probably could have taken it a little spicy but I have mixed experiences with “spicy” and am grateful they toned it down.

After this we had a salad with lots of beans, corn, tomatoes, garlic. Yummy.

Yeah, the meal was deliberately vegetarian for me. However, they told me that in Peru every dish comes with lots of vegetables – sometimes it is hard to tell what is the salad and what is the main dish.

We ended up talking until 1 am – which is hours past my bed time, so I was pretty tired the next day.

Thanks to Michael and Silvia for a lovely dinner.


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  1. Oh yum! One of my closest friends is Brazilian and can be singly held responsible for my addiction to Brazilian food, but I haven’t yet branched out into the cuisines of any other South American countries, though. Perhaps we will have a Peruvian night in tomorrow; watch Motorcycle Diaries and feast on some Peruvian inspired fare.

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