Cat Tails & Bela Fleck and Chick Corea

Last Friday, before and after the Bela Fleck-Chick Corea concert at the Keswick theater I got to hang out with Zuska. I got to meet her cats, including this one they call a dog:

Don’t ask me – I was just visiting. Zuska and I could have talked all night.

Bela and Chick were out of this world. I didn’t get many pictures as I was a bit intimidated by the “no photos” comment on the program even though it meant no flash photography. Also my camera was on a very slow shutter speed and I ended up with this kind of picture:

Which I could pretend was a deliberate arty shot.

They played most of the pieces from the CD but much longer versions. I particularly enjoyed “Children’s Song #6” which made me think of John Rutter’s Mass of the Children. I assumed in a similar way that Rutter has themes from childhood – TV and radio shows especially as well as hymns typically sang in school [remember England has a state religion and we “worshipped” every morning] – there were themes in this piece that reminded Chick, who composed it, of children. After it, they got a standing ovation, and Bela said we must love to watch a guy sweat. Well he does it with such style. They also did a comic routine with “Strange Romance” which was fun, but distracted from the music. It reminded me of Roger Norrington, conductor, playing to the audience when conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. It just isn’t done, sir. Still, we got to see some tremendous musicianship.

Oh, Tony Trischka was in the row in front of me and I wondered what he thought, both of the playing up to the audience and of the fact, that there is his pupil playing so f—ing brilliantly. I wonder if he sees it as a challenge? He is probably used to it by now. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a review.

I had to head back to DE because this guy was locked out of the house. He refused to take a key and come in when I wanted to leave. The garden is far to comfortable:

I thought he might be hungry by the time I got back, which was about nineteen hours since I had left.

We both, Murphy and I, ended up having a lazy weekend. Something attacked my sinuses and he loves it when he has me to lie on as well as the sofa. In fact, I am usually with him but it was too hot to share the sofa or I moved to get something to eat or something. What a cutie:

He sometimes lies like that to tempt me into rubbing his belly. I mean, who could resist? Then he’ll grab my hand and bite it.


4 thoughts on “Cat Tails & Bela Fleck and Chick Corea

  1. My cat lays like that sometimes except Thomas is not one to lay on the furniture. He rather sprawl on the floor. When he lays on his back my mom calls it the “dead cat laying” pose; hopefully, one day I can catch a picture of him like that to put on my blog.

  2. Kitties! We loves them.

    Bodhi (my cat in the picture) – we refer to him as a dog because he thinks he is a dog. Or so we think. He certainly acts like one at times.

    Murphy is definitely a handsome dude.

    Lab Cat, come back for another visit! Anytime!

  3. The concert sounds cool!! The Murphy pictures are good. Oscar greets me in the morning by flopping over in the exposed belly pose so I can rub his tummy. He does not bite me, thankfully, but does like to have a swat with his back leg.

  4. Well it seems Murphy is the popular one around here. Mind you – posed like that it is not surprising. He was being very affectionate this morning – it made it hard to leave. That and the gorgeous weather we seem to be having today.

    Zuska – I thought your cat was called Body – I understand better now I see the spelling. And I will be back.

    Lisa – the concert was excellent. Let’s do lunch sometime. I found a gift certificate for Cafe Gelato.

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