Storm World Arrived

Book coverYesterday in my mail box was my copy of Chris Mooney’s new book, Storm World. So I had to start reading it straight away. It was an easy read; I’ve read the prologue and the first two chapters. I usually find nonfiction hard to get into, but this wasn’t the case with Storm World.

If meteorology/global warming/hurricanes are of any interest to you, you should go and buy this book. I’m only vaguely interested in the topic and I can tell that I am going to read this book from cover to cover.

I may or may not review it when I’ve read it, but there are links to reviews at Intersection, Chris’s blog.


One thought on “Storm World Arrived

  1. I’m sure that one of the main characters is hurricane researcher Chris Landsea who believes that there is no link between hurricanes and climate change.

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