Yarn Yarns – New Yarn and Charity Afghan

I haven’t written much lately. Fortunately, I have found time to take photos so that you can still get a daily picture. From these you may have gathered that I visited Halifax, NS. What a nice city; everyone lived up to the friendly Canadian stereotype and I had a great time, mostly hanging out on the harbor front admiring the tall ships and pretending I knew what was what. Amazing what one week of sailing can do!

Obviously, I did get a break and go to a yarn shop. It wasn’t hard to find being about three blocks from my hotel. I shopped at the Loop Craft Cafe where I purchased some of Lucy Neatby’s Celestial Merino and matched it with Needful’s Trillium. I have already started making a little scarf, it is such lovely yarn to knit:

I am using a four by four basket stitch with two rows of stockingette between each row of baskets. Every fourth stockingette is done with Needful’s Trillium. I like the fact that this is orange and stops the scarf being too brown. Oh I am using US#3 needles, but I am a really loose knitter. I cast on 26 stithes; there is a slip stitch and a two stitch garter at the end of each row.

As promised on my previous knitting post, here is a the red log cabin afghan.


For this I kept the sizes of the panel always the same. I think the Mother’s Day Afghan was more interesting as the panels were random sizes and there was more color variety. This one is going to be donated to Better Beginnings.

Breaking News

I just found out from Cathy-Cate at Hither and Yarn that the Red Scarf Project for 2008 for the Orphan Foundation of America has been announced.  Visit both sites for more information.



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  1. Lab Cat gave me the above scarf yesterday. I feel special!! Thank you again!!!!

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